CFB Healthcare Development

has been providing short-term and interim senior management support to


  • the public sector


  • independent healthcare organisations


  • and other clients in both the UK and overseas


since 1997.



Whatever your organisation,

CFB Healthcare Development 

may be able to provide just the type and level of support that you require.




















Who we have worked with recently


  • Department of Health
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Strategic health authorities
  • Primary care trusts
  • Acute hospitals
  • Medical practices
  • Dental Services
  • Independent schools





Where and how we operate


With fully-equipped Registered Offices based in South East England we can provide services either remotely, or, if preferred, from within your own base. Often a combination of the two works well - it depends on the nature and requirements of the job and the logistics of getting things done in the most effective way.



Our projects often involve working with a large number of individuals from different areas or departments, and across a range of organisations and interest groups. We pride ourselves on our success in developing networks and bringing people together to work on a common aim.













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